KPM CONSULT, a.s. is a consulting company focused on transportation. It provides professional consulting, engineering and coordination services in the field of transport engineering and telematics and within transport constructions. It offers comprehensive services and system solutions of transport services for cities and regions, development of transport infrastructure and transport telematics, intelligent transport systems (ITS), logistics and economics. It solves science and research projects, is involved in training, publishing and educational activities. It operates on the Czech market and abroad.

Company name   KPM CONSULT, a.s.
ID   25312936
Tax ID   CZ 25312936
Date of Establishment   3. 10. 1996
Entry in the Commercial Register   u Krajského soudu v Brně,
oddíl B, vložka 2098
Represented by   Ing. Petr Augusta,
Chairman of the Board and Managing Director


Mailing adress


Kounicova 688/ 26,
611 54 Brno - město

Purkyňova 648/125
612 00  Brno

Detached office   Praha – Transport Engineering and Telematics, Foreign Trade and Marketing
Foreign branch/ entry
   KPM CONSULT, a.s., organizačná zložka,
zapsaná u Okresného súdu Bratislava I, oddiel Po, vložka č. 1307/B,
Tomášikova 26, 821 01 Bratislava - Ružinov, SR
IČ 35955998
Main contact    tel.: +420 541 242 270
fax: +420 972 625 010