• 1996
    Establishment of KPM CONSULT, joint-stock company
    - A consulting engineering team, providing technical assistance - coordination of supply, assembly, and construction companies specialized in modernizing the railway network and construction of railway corridors
  • 2002
    Launch of activities in the field of intelligent transport systems / ITS, collaboration with the Faculty of Transportation Science CTU in Prague, active involvement in project teams developing ITS programs of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, member of the Association for Transport Telematics
  • 2003
    ISO- certification audit, obtaining a certificate of quality management system
  • 2005
    Setting up of the Slovak branch - KPM CONSULT, a.s., branch office
  • 2007
    Establishment of a separate department of transport engineering and telematics, integration into the quality management system
  • 2009
    Accreditation of an educational institution, an accredited educational programme on transport telematics courses and accreditation for the implementation of retraining in the context of lifelong education in the field of transport telematics


  • 1998
    The first publication on transport telematics / ITS
  • 2005
    The first foreign project DIT - Solutions of transport services of Yogyakarta region
  • 2005
    I. Annual conference Telematics for Regional Transport 2005 in Prague - expert discussion on the importance of transport telematics in promoting sustainable transport development in regions
  • 2006
    II. Annual conference Telematics for Regional Transport 2006 in Kurdějov - the programme expanded to include the block Economics and transport telematics
  • 2007
    III. Annual conference Telematics for Regional Transport 2007 in Pilsen - a new block Training and education in transport telematics
  • 2008
    IV. Annual conference Telematics for Regional Transport 2008 in Skalice / SR - five thematic blocks (Economy and transport telematics, Information transfer in the transport and telematics systems, Education and raising awareness of transport telematics, Telematics support for sustainable transport development in the regions and Information support of the state administration and local government)
  • 2009
    V. Annual conference Telematics for Regional Transport 2009 in Brno - new separate blocks. The role and status of state and local governments in the development of transport telematics and Transport telematics in the urban area